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The Best 11 Coolest Leather Jackets in Movie History

Did you know that the leather jacket is a style staple from movies? Its rebellious cache has long made it a staple of the film industry. But it can also be worn without the associated stigma of belonging to a motorcycle gang, rock star, or Marlon Brando. In these cases, the leather jacket needs a little irony. Here are 11 coolest leather jackets from movies.

In the film, Harrison Ford’s tough sexy look is defined by his trademark leather jacket, the “James Dean Bomber.” This classic leather jacket is the perfect choice for the man who has an enduring love of sex and adventure. The jacket is an iconic example of the “bad boy” look, and Harrison Ford embodies that manliness perfectly. His leather jacket in “Indiana Jones” says it all.

The best movie jackets that have dominated the fashion world include those worn by the lead characters. In “The Dark Knight Rises”, a star-studded jacket was worn by actor Tom Hardy’s Bane. The jacket embodies the masculinity of the character and is functional and warm at the same time. This jacket has inspired many imitators, with some of them being quite similar to Bane’s own.

The Star-Killer Jacket combines retro and gridded textures in a sleek and stylish leather jacket. This one works in intergalactic sci-fi canon, and looks super cool. Al Pacino’s “Crusiing” is a great example of an underrated Pacino film. In this movie, he goes undercover in the leather daddy scene of New York. His aggressive chest zippers make it work, and the jacket’s vintage motorcycle style fits the character perfectly.

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