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How is Socialization the Core of Public Health?

How is socialization the core of public health practice? We’ve all heard the phrase before, but what does it really mean? It refers to the process through which individuals learn about health and prevent illness. It also involves the development of attitudes and skills about the importance of regular physical examinations and immunization programs. In other words, it involves the socialization of these influence agents. And this socialization may also be the source of many health behaviors.

Socialization is critical not only for individuals, but also for societies. It is crucial to instilling in new generations what is acceptable in society. Without socialization, societies cease to exist. Therefore, it is essential to teach new generations distinctive cultural values. In Canada, for instance, children must learn the differences between right and wrong by following the rules of the country. The country must also instill democratic values and the use of voting materials.

This process of socialization has been the core of public health for centuries. Without socialization, it is impossible to form intimate relationships or play games. We learn how to interact with others, learn new skills, and develop self-awareness. Without socialization, we cannot use language, learn to play games, or learn how to make decisions. And we cannot be socially isolated for years. It’s not sustainable.

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