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Is an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology Usual?

Associate’s degrees in information technology are useful for several reasons. Not only do they lead to a variety of high-paying jobs, but they also allow you to choose when you want to pursue your degree. Some people choose to attend school on campus while others choose to earn their degree online. Online programs are often more convenient, allowing students to study whenever they want. However, the downside of an associate’s degree is that it may not be enough to land you the job of your dreams.

There are plenty of schools that offer IT AA degrees. The general AA is helpful for transferring to a four-year program, and includes subjects like math, history, and writing. Graduates of these programs can easily begin an entry-level IT program, and they can apply their IT skills in other fields. Some schools do not accept vocational credits, so they may have to repeat a course.

An associates degree can also serve as a foundation for a bachelor’s degree. Most associate degree programs can be transferred to a bachelor’s program, which could lead to greater pay and career opportunities. Before enrolling in an associates program, students should explore the features of each program. Online courses may also offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling. A growing number of colleges offer accelerated associate degrees through distance learning.

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