What is Wrong With Universal Health Care?

What’s wrong with universal health care? While most medical professionals agree that sick people should receive basic health care, many people cannot afford this. Universal healthcare would change this. It would regulate the cost of healthcare, lowering the overall cost of care and adjusting the economy. The most significant benefit to universal health care would be its accessibility. Despite its many benefits, however, universal health care is not without its detractors. Here are some of the reasons why.

It is costly. Canada has the second highest health care system in the world when measured as a percentage of GDP and adjusted for age. Some may find that high health care costs are not a concern, but in more wealthy countries, the cost of health care is variable. This has implications for the value of health care. For example, if the cost of medical services is relatively high in a poor country, it might be a good idea to offer universal health care for the wealthier citizens.

Free health care for everyone is important. Moreover, it helps to provide medical services to the poor and disadvantaged. With universal health care, everyone gets the same treatment. The NHS also provides free care to undocumented immigrants and non-European visitors. A basic set of rights is outlined in the NHS Constitution, which summarizes the rights of those who are eligible. These rights include the right to be treated without discrimination, within a specific time frame, and free of charge.

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