What is the Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Lite?

If you’re wondering: What’s the difference between Facebook and its lite version? Read on to find out. Facebook Lite uses less mobile data and takes up less space than the full version, so you can use it on any device and on any network. While both Facebook apps are widely available, you’ll want to download the Lite version if you don’t have a high-speed mobile connection.

Facebook Lite has fewer invasive permissions than the regular version. The regular version can use your biometric hardware, modify audio settings, pair with Bluetooth devices, and more. Facebook Lite, on the other hand, requires significantly less data. While you’ll use less data, a single hour of scrolling through your news feed with Facebook Lite will eat up almost 3 GB of mobile data a month.

The regular version forces you to download the Facebook Messenger app to chat with your friends. Facebook Lite, on the other hand, lets you chat right from the app. Simply open Messenger and tap the corresponding tab in your Facebook Lite app. Facebook Lite doesn’t force you to download Messenger; it’s a separate application. The differences between Facebook Lite and its regular version are significant and you should consider it carefully before making the switch.

The main difference between Facebook lite is the fact that the former is designed to run on slower, metered networks and it doesn’t download autoplay videos and high resolution images. This means that it saves you data, and if you’re on a data plan, using Facebook Lite is the way to go. While Facebook Lite is not nearly as full-featured as the main version, it still allows you to like and comment on posts, visit profile pages, and post to your Timeline.

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