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The Pantry Hero of the House

There are many pantry staples that many cooks keep on hand, and one of these items is canned whole tomatoes. They’re great for making a simple tomato sauce or pasta meal, and are an essential in most pantries. Onions and garlic are other pantry essentials that lend a richer flavor to recipes, and are essential in most savory dishes. Apples are also great for salads, and they cook up well in butter and cinnamon.

The pantry hero of the house is the canned tomato. Fresh tomatoes are difficult to cut, and canned ones can cut down on the time spent on preparation. Soups are another pantry staple. They are great for quick dinners, and condensed versions save pantry space. And they are ready-to-eat, so they don’t need any extra water. In a pinch, canned tomatoes can also be used to make sauces for pastas and casseroles.

Another pantry staple is beans. Beans are among the healthiest foods you can keep on hand. They can be used for a variety of different dishes and have a long shelf life. If you’re unable to find canned beans, you can buy dried ones, or make your own if you’re short on time. You can even make your own bean soup! Beans are also a great way to stretch your pantry’s storage.

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